Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gordon Silveria's ‘Sinister Delights’ collection is embracing Atelier! Come and Check out!!

Gordon Silveria is an artist living and working in San Francisco. He’s a full time Faculty member of the illustration department at the Academy of Art University. Where he teach clothed figure drawing in color, traditional and digital illustration and flash for illustration.

He’s sinister delights collection is about a series of darkly narrative, editorial, interaction, and kinetic sculptures based on the iconography and memories of early childhood.
“Saint Theresa Weeps for George Tiller”, 2009, Mixed Media, 36”h x 12”w
This artwork is straightforward memorial to murdered women’s health provider Dr. George Tiller, using a traditional northern Japanese wooden kokeshi doll as the point of conception. This is such an ironic piece that links the connection between the Japanese infanticide substitute and abortion doctor George Tiller.

“My Eyes Will Follow You” 2011, Mixed Media, 18”w x 38”h
This art work is a mash-up of carnival clown, Satan and Jesus. The eye-sockets are recessed a few inches behind the head in order to create the optical illusion that the eyes follow you whatever you go in the gallery. The color-changing LEDs attract the viewer to the evil, staring eyes and enhance the carnival atmosphere of the piece. Paranoid, childlike, lovely, light and conflictingly sinister.

“No, You Shut Up! No, You Shut Up!” 2011, Mixed Media, 15”w x 30”h x 4
This is a fresh-faced explosion of the meme of the happy American family. Carved into the artist’s childhood universe was the fable of an American family: Mom, Dad, son and daughter, as seen in movie, on TV, classroom books, in church. All they scream at each other is “No, You shut up! No, You shut up!” as they spin and bobble. Like permanent toddlers they remain unstable and uncertain of the world and their place in it.

“The Cities We Live in Are like Distant Stars” 2010, Mix Media, 7’h x 3’x approx.
The title itself is after a lyric from the song “Suburban Wars” on the band Arcade Fire’s 2010 album “The Suburbs”. The artist embodies the sadness he feels then friends move away from San Francisco, a permanent woe, he feels, of a mobile society. The daisies represent the artist and his friendship he has lost to this tsunami of uprooted post-modern careerism.

Find out more about Gordon Silveria's works at Atelier!

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