Thursday, October 27, 2011


     The beautiful bathing collection is inspired by the ancient Anatolian-era bathing traditions renowned for their restorative value and eco­-friendly craftsmanship, Gazel has elevated the everyday bathing experience to a new level of guiltless luxury. Gazel is an ancient word referring to both a musical and a poetic expression of the beauty of love. Gazel is representing the core value of the company ­to create products that express the beauty of love ­ for self, others and the natural world ­ through a green philosophy and production. Gazel’s collection is made up with fine quality 100% organic towels and robes that are designed to stimulate the senses, enhance wellbeing and showcase the beauty of nature without compromising quality or further damaging our fragile environment.

      Gazel’s inspiration came from an earlier time and place where bathing experience was a healthful and sensual. The bath products from Gazel bring us back to the natural world to provide utmost comfort and pure beauty. Each product is made to the highest standards of organic certification and sustainability ensuring that all the products are as clean and natural as any other bathing products in the market.

     The products of Gazel are all organic certification requirements of the Global Organic Textile Standard, including raw materials, processing, production, packaging and labeling. In addition, Gazel’s products have been certified according to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 system to be free of all chemicals and substances known to be harmful to health. Organic cotton is raw cotton that is produced totally free of synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Beneficial organisms such as parasites and natural enemies are used for insect management in place of agricultural pesticides. Organic cotton is a clean, sustainable alternative to conventional cotton. The use of organic cotton in Gazel’s products eliminates your exposure to toxic chemical residues. Organic cotton yarns are less processed, ensuring the highest level of natural softness, comfort and durability. When you pamper your skin with the sensual caress of our eco-friendly organically grown cotton products, you are enhancing your health and wellbeing while contributing to the protection and sustainability of our environment.

       Organic certification is your guarantee that products meet or exceed defined organic standards. All Gazel towel collections and robes are certified 100% organic by Control Union World Group, an internationally recognized global agency responsible for eco-friendly certification and quality assurance since 1956.Control Union World Group guarantees consistency and quality through internal quality assessment systems, extensive training, and development and use of state-of-the-art solutions. Control Union is a founding member of the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (I.F.I.A.). All dyes used in Gazel products are environmentally responsible ’low impact’ dyes and are fully compliant with the organic certification criteria. These dyes use much less water and energy than conventional dyes, and are free of heavy metal or harmful chemical substances. Soflex® is a special top quality yarn produced by Abalioglu Textile that provides a unique softness, water absorbency and durability to cotton fabrics. Soflex® yarn is made by a ’zero twist’ technique - the fibers are attached to each other through binding, not twisting - which is only feasible with the highest quality long cotton fibers. The use of Soflex® technology in all Gazel towels and robes makes them exceptionally soft and light, yet highly absorbent and durable.

Atelier carries Gazel’s organic towel collection and bathrobes.

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