Friday, October 28, 2011

Tiffany Yue Liu---Dairy from another world

Tiffany Liu earned a B.A. in Environmental Design from the Fine Art College of Shanghai University, China. She has been invited to draw mural paintings for commercial restaurants and clubs. These includes: mural paintings & logo design for 535 Club (Shanghai, China 2007); mural painting for Lotus Land Asia Restaurant (Shanghai, China 2008). In July 2010, Liu’s oil painting became part of the Academician Hall (Shanghai, China). In September 2010, Tiffany’s artwork participates in a group show in San Francisco Art Institute (San Francisco, US). In Apr. 2011, Tiffany’s oil on panel Parallel Futures participates in Where to? The Call of the Times at de Young museum (San Francisco, US. Currently she is studying in San Francisco, pursuing a MFA degree from the Academy of Art University San Francisco, US. Liu also writes for (Art World) magazine (China).
    Tiffany’s art is inspired by dreams because they are not bounded by the reality or the physical limits that constrain us during the day. Her artwork is about the emotions carried within the dreams. She dreams every night, during which she escapes from the responsibility, taboos, and ethics of daily couture. She re-calls the dreams and documents the details the next day. Dreams never lose their magic, and their dramatic mysteries never disappear.
    In Tiffany’s art, she chooses the most memorable scenes in her dream to construct multiple layers. Each layer reflects her emotion and mood through memories of the dreams. These layers become a harmonious entity with simplified composition. Sometimes her color is derived the emotions from the original dream scene. As a result, she hopes that people can gain more understanding of themselves through my painting.
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